Gift Boxes

Magpie Watchbox

Your exquisite collection of watches must have a case to store, display  and maintain them. This premium watch box is made of quality wood , coated in black with a overall contrasting white print. The see-through glass lid and polished chrome lock just add to the beauty of the box. There are 12 compartments, lined with black velvet that keeps the watches safe and neat.

Box Dimensions 404 x 218 x 91 MM
Finish High Gloss, Carbon fiber Accents


Naive Collection

Handcrafted rubber and korai wood impart a unique natural exuberance to this collection of desk accessories. Picture frame, utility box, tissue box and multi–utility tray.

Box Dimensions 335 x 202 x 140 MM
Finish Natural Rubberwood & Korai Sirish


Farrago Collection

This beautiful vanity box is a unique piece to be loved for years to come. The gorgeous combination of dark and light wood  has everlasting appeal and creates a relaxed bohemian elegance in your home. Each piece has been handcrafted . Delicate wooden strips of korai wood have been individually inlaid onto a wooden frame in an zig zag pattern

Box Dimensions 404 x 218 x 91 MM

Natural Rubberwood & Korai Sirish



Experience the joy of gifting and keepsake with this wonderful chest box. It is handcrafted from rubber wood, given a natural finish. The lid has a contrasting  walnut clear matt finish. Inside the wall is lined with textured paper and has secured hinge and magnet fitting. The unique design features create a new level , breaking the monotony in this form of boxes.

Box Dimensions 270 x 160 x 95 MM

Natural Rubber, walnut, Matt

Natural Rubber, Black Trim, Matt


Saffron Collection

Saffron veneer finished in high gloss with black trims. The wood burl effect is significantly enhanced by the black trims and saffron coloration. Jewelry box, Organizer, multipurpose tray and picture frame.

Box Dimensions 352 x 203 x 110 mm
Finish High Gloss, Saffron Veneer


Leatherette / Walnut Herringbone

Leatherette clad boxes with a unique herringbone patterened wood accents. Available in two tones, dark tan leathertte or walnut stained.

Box Dimensions 228 X 126 X 195 MM
Finish Leathertte and rubberwood / MDF


This 2-tier box is made in beech wood and has a natural, well-sanded finish. It is designed ergonomically to organize your tools and stationery. The box is spacious with 3 compartments and a sturdy handle to carry around. The hardware is well-placed to facilitate smooth opening the box. 

Box Dimensions 228 X 126 X 195 MM
Finish Natural Beech wood


Natura collection

Natural fabric cladding on boxes gives a unique rustic appeal to them. Eco-friendly does not get better than this.

Box Dimensions 352 x 203 x 110 mm
Finish MDF, Printed Natural fabric 


Nautical Collection

It is a dual toned British walnut box with horizontal grooves at regular intervals, giving a wooden feel of sails across sea. There is small section in-between the grooves for logo customization. 

Box Dimensions 228 X 126 X 195 MM
Finish MDF, Grooved, British Walnut



Colorblock! Natural and banded lacquered finish on rubber-wood.

Box Dimensions

310 X 162 X 94 MM

Finish Rubberwood, High Gloss



This lively collection get it light from the pure white gloss finish along with stylized grasses tessellated all over the frames. It gives a feeling of a pastureland. Would be happy to prop it on your desk or dressing to keep your jewelry and other usable

Box Dimensions 280 x 228 x 91 MM
Finish Rubberwood, Matt,  Print



A smart utility box will be an added happiness to your storage collection. Here we made a box that has a USB chargeable port for your cell phones. The box is neatly lined with black velvet and has shiny brass hinge and magnet fitting. The pure white gloss and floral prints makes it a beautiful piece.  So flaunt this box on your table and use it as a pocket changer .

Box Dimensions 305 X 227 X 97 MM
Finish Rubberwood, White Gloss, Floral Print