Elegant Luxury

Luxury is evident in every one of our stunning products, formed from the Finest Natural Woods and Cattle Horns sourced from across the world.

Be it the finest craftsmanship on or the harmonious blending of exotic raw materials to create inimitable handcrafted masterpieces, our creations exude Luxury.

Exotic wooden Jewelry

Artisan jewelry made using the finest woods. Be it Cameroonian Ebony, Indian Rosewood,  European Boxwood, Canadian Maple, German Beechwood, Indian Padauk & Teak, we use exotic woods from across the globe to make fine handmade jewelry.

Responsible and Ethical Sourcing

All our woods and natural horn are sourced from ethical and sustainable sources. Cattle Horn is a by-product of the meat industry. These would be discarded, so instead, we make them into beautiful, individual, pieces. With no two pieces of horn ever being the same in colouration or size, every piece we produce is unique.


Hitaishi is who to turn to when only the finest handcrafted products will do. Superior craftsmanship, timeless details and over 49 years of expertise unite behind a common goal – expanding your design possibilities so you can bring your vision to life. Behold a new dimension in handcrafted happiness.

State of the art Manufacturing

Our technology and design-led manufacturing principles give us an edge against our competitors. Our finishing techniques are state of the art and time-tested. We have all the tools at our disposal to bring your ideas to inception.